If you are wondering where you can head off to on a vacation and have some fun while you are there, you might be wondering what countries there are where sex tourism is legal. Luckily for you, there are so many countries where sex tourism is completely legal and you can have fun as much as you would like! Here are some countries that you might be interested in visiting and maybe even have fun meeting people in new locations through popular apps.


Costa Rica

One of the most popular countries to go for sex tourism is Costa Rica and it is a common profession there as well, which makes it a rather popular tourist spot, and for good reason. Not only are the people there good looking, you will find tons of places where you can legally have a good time. Plus, you can enjoy all of the things that Costa Rica has to offer like their amazing coffee.


If you want to go to a country in Europe, then you would be happy to know that you can go to Belgium. While prostitution is legal in Belgium, they do not allow brothels. So you are allowed to find a girl to pick up as long as you are not going to a specific establishment to find them. Why not enjoy some good European beers while finding some fun along the way?


France is known as the land of love, but if you want to go there you will find out that you can get a different form of love if you are interested in too. Prostitution is legal in France given that you do not find a person through the means of a pimp, advertising, brothels, etc. Enjoy the wine, perfume and the beautiful people that this country has to offer!


Greeks were the first people to introduce high class prostitutes way back in the day, so it comes to no surprise that it is still legal in this country as well. Pimping and brothels are legal in this country, just try to find the ones that have licensed establishments.


If you love all things Italian, you will be pleased to learn that prostitution is legal in Italy. Why not go around the beautiful city and meet some of the beautiful people that they have to offer as well? You can always go for Italy for the food and the scenery, but why not add this fun bonus if are making your vacation plans!


Mexico as a whole is a popular tourist spot for so many reasons. They have beautiful beaches, delicious food, rich culture, and sex tourism is legal too! They make sure that anyone who is involved in the business get regular check-ups, carry a health card with them and are of legal age. Keep in mind that pimping is illegal in Mexico.

You can plan an amazing vacation with a little extra fun on the side if you know what we mean. Be sure to follow the sex tourism laws of any country that you visit to safely enjoy yourself!